Elizabeth and Mr Darcy – Love Affair at Chatsworth

Simon and I have travelled all over the country photographing weddings and we are often asked which is your favorite venue? The answer is that we love many but Chatsworth House is without doubt one of the most romantic places to marry and it is always a joy to photograph a wedding there. The Gardens and House offer an unbelievable back drop for the most romantic shots.

I have dreamed of doing a styled shoot there forever, it’s just such a fabulous playground for a photographer and so when Chatsworth asked us to work with them to promote Weddings at Chatsworth and the upcoming Wedding Fayre on the 15th September I danced a little jig and my mind went into overdrive.

I am a massive Pride and Prejudice fan and so when Kay Rotchford from Chatsworth suggested this as a theme I was over the moon and couldn’t think of a more perfect way to show off how romantic Chatsworth is.

We worked with some amazing people who actually made the whole thing happen….

Julia Harrison – ‘Go Glorious’ who sourced the models and dresses and styled the picnic scene so beautifully with stunning prettiness.

Rachel – ‘Cakes by Rachel Edwards’ who produced one of  the most gorgeous wedding ideas I’ve seen, a to die for Dessert Table with the prettiest cake ever, popcakes, bon-bons and shortcake favours.

Emma – Freya Bridal who supplied the very beautiful dresses and put up with us going into her gorgeous shop at different stages with different girls for trying on sessions. Patience of a saint!

Emma – Emma Buck Hair & Make Up who made 5 girls look amazing in under two hours. She wasn’t the least bit phased by the task in hand and says its nothing less than she does at most weddings!

Emma – ‘Orchis Floral Design’ who created the beautiful florals. I adored the pomander and pearls idea ….. just so pretty.

Our Models – Grace, Alicia, Hannah, Melissa and Lewis our supporting cast who were amazing and of course, Charlotte (Elizabeth) and Harry (Mr Darcy) who simply stunned me with how good they were. I just cannot believe they had never done anything like that before, two of the best models I have ever worked with professionals included.

Darcy Clothing’ who very kindly supplied the shirts and trousers for Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley.

Lottie the horse who was such a poser – brilliant, I swear she blew me a kiss!

Moth and Tess the gorgeous dogs who were as good as gold and completed my regency fantasy!

Last but very definitely not least Chatsworth House without whom it wouldn’t have happened and to whom I’m very grateful. I must also say special thanks for the loan of two very precious antique coats for Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley from Chatsworth’s own textile department. They looked amazing.

A million thanks to everyone involved. One of my dreams just came true.



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  1. OMG …….this is to die for ….an absolutely gorgeous shoot and so beautifully done …. i think this has to be my favourite post completely this year …..and let me tell you that is saying something cos i see many ……..but i am completely blown away by this one …….Chatsworth House are very lucky that they found photographers as talented as you two!!!! Well done!

  2. Cara says:

    AMAZING! So beautifully done and it is so classic.
    Well Done – the couple must be so happy!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow,wow,wow! Verity and I are so jealous and very impressed – totally gorgeous. We also think that every guy should wear ruffled shirts, breeches etc to get hitched in 😉 x

  4. gill says:

    i knew it was going to be stunning from the start but it is much more than that – it’s truly truly truly beautiful ! you’re amazing !

  5. Steven Booth says:

    Absolutely stunning images and a beautiful couple! very inspiring.

  6. Freya Bridal says:

    Yet another amazing shoot. We make a great team. You take some of the most amazing photographs and whats more is you love what you do and get the best out of even the most nervous of subjects.

    Just love working with you guys. I will one day take one good photograph and dedicate it to you guys, who are truly inspiring.


  7. Benita says:

    Brilliant! Perfect colors and tones for this. I love love love it! Huge p&p fan myself and I’m totally envious that you had the opportunity to do this at such a perfect venue working together with fabulous vendors. Well done and major kudos. 🙂


  8. jo says:

    Thank you so, so much for all your fantastic comments. I’ve been overwhelmed by these and the emails too. Amazing. Thank you so much xxxx

  9. Jon Allen says:

    Hi guys, this is simply gorgeous work, its does not come any better than this, the photography is just stunning, the light is so wonderful, composition, I find it hard to explain to you both the enjoyment and inspiration that I have experienced just by looking at the images and following the story. I must agree entire with Jo-anne stokes and then underline it. Beautiful. I know how hard it is to achieve quality at this level, wonderful thank you both for sharing the shoot with us.

  10. Sarah Schubert says:

    If you searched for ‘unadulterated gorgeousness’ on Google, this post would surely come up first!

    I am in no position to comment on the composition or lighting of the photos, all I can tell you in my amateur opinion is that they are flippin’ lovely!!! Your talent never fails to amaze me! I especially love the way Mr Darcy is gazing at Elizabeth in some of the photos, makes me go weak at the knees!

    I only wish you had done this three months ago, as I would have stolen half of the decor and detail ideas for my big day he he 🙂

    Keep it coming guys, you’re a unique talent xx

  11. martha says:

    Oh this is just perfect!!! I love all of the photos but the ones in front of Chatsworth house are my favorite. Wonderful job!

  12. emma says:

    Thankyou sooooooo much for involving me and my lovely florists in this wonderful shoot. I love it all!!! you are super talented, well done!

    Emma (Orchis Floral Design)

  13. I feel unworthy fantastic work and ideas guys,,,Babies to Brides Photography, Phoenix Arizona, U.S.A.

  14. Tatyana says:

    Wow. This took my breath away!! Soooo beautiful!!! Wonderful job, totally inspired me. 🙂

  15. Alison says:

    Always knew Chatsworth to be such a splendor and love pride and prejudice but never in my wildest dreams would it have all looked this beautiful…… has taken my breathe away!!!!

  16. Shannon Drappo says:

    I’m awestruck at how beautiful these photos are! I am a huge P&P fan and wish I could have this “fairy tale” wedding! Absolutely amazing work.

  17. Pride and Prejudice always the best for wedding dreams.
    I must tell about this lovely pictures to my readers. They will b thrilled!

  18. Vania says:

    So amazing!! Congrats for the idea!!

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  20. Kerolaine says:


  21. Amazing photos!! Simple and sophisticated… just love it! Wonderful job

  22. Magda says:

    Just Perfect !! Beautiful, Amazing photos! The work that I like more of Jane Austen is Pride and Prejudice ( book and film– 1995 & 2005 ). I learned love Jane after this masterpiece. Thank you for this wonderful job!

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  24. Mary Dionne says:

    I learned of this photo shoot last night, while watching PBS~Chatsworth Series which I’ve been following
    ever since they have been showing. I loved it!! I’m a huge fan of Jane Austin’s books, have been for many
    a year. All of this to say~~~Well Done!!!! I loved the beauty of the background, dresses, the young ladies
    and gentlemen. I’m saving your site to visit more places and photos you have taken, since I love and
    enjoy taking pictures, very inspiring. May you continue to have a Blessed New Year in 2013. 🙂

  25. Elizabeth says:

    My heart just skipped a beat viewing these magnificent photos. Totally speechless and in awe! Bravo, and well done to the both of you!

  26. Sophia says:

    Wow!! OMG!! What a beautiful shoot!! It was to die for! It gives a girl ideas! 🙂 the couple was so cute and beautiful together, and so was everything else too! So amazing, and so romantic at the same time! And Chatsworth for a background is just stunning! Congrats on the idea!

  27. Maia says:

    Once if i get married……is going to be here!!!!!!! Or at least i want a very similar photoshooting!!!! Absolutely love it <3

  28. Robert says:

    If anything could make Chatsworth any more beautiful than it is , this wonderful couple and cast would be the epitome of a dream come true. I have loved Chatsworth since my first visit in 1989.

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